Connaught Waste Recycling celebrating 20 years in business

Connaught Waste Recycling is a family-run business owned by Peter and Gerard Jordan. The brothers spotted a niche in the market for recycling in the 1990s – a time when there was very little waste materials being recycled and landfills were being utilised to capacity – and the company was established in 1995.

Gal Advertiser Business ProfileThe business began life in Ballybane but such was the demand for its services, quickly outgrew that premises and moved to Claregalway in 1997, where it has remained for the past 18 years at Hanley’s Units on the N17 just outside Claregalway village.

In the earlier years the company concentrated on paper and cardboard recycling and started by collecting from shops in the city and county. A big step forward for the brothers was beginning to do business with some of the multinationals like Digital and Nortel who were quickly latching on to the concept of recycling, and disposing of their waste materials in a more environmentally friendly way. Specific waste management systems were designed for these businesses, to fulfil their individual requirements. Indeed, in the first 10 years after start-up, Connaught Waste Recycling designed waste management systems for the majority of the multinationals in Galway. This involved organising the recycling of these companies paper, plastic, timber, cardboard, metals etc.

Peter and Gerard Jordan are true entrepreneurs in that they had a real vision about how to change methods of waste disposal. Peter Jordan says when the company started the brother’s had to really try and create interest in the concept of recycling. “There wasn’t too many businesses coming to us back in the 1990s. Recycling just was not being done in too many places. We were approaching them and trying to explain to them the advantages of recycling. To change away from the traditional landfill practice of the time, there had to be cost savings involved and we were able to show it was an economically viable concept.’’

The Jordan brothers are now a significant employer in the Claregalway area with 19 staff on the books. Today the company offers full waste management, recycling, obsolete product destruction and confidential shredding services to a range of clients across all spectrums, including pharmaceutical, information technology, public bodies and government departments. In addition to this, it also offers the sale and supply of baling and recycling equipment and a full range of receptacles including recycling bins and confidential cabinets.

“Our biggest competitive edge nowadays is the quality of service that we offer and that we can collect from most clients within 24 hours of receiving the collection request. What also makes us unique is that we will go into the business and design the systems for them to make recycling easier, and do appropriate in-house training and that sets us apart. A lot of contractors have introduced recycling into their business but it would not be their main core business like it is ours.’’ says Mr Jordan.

Connaught Waste Recycling is basically educating other businesses about best practice when it comes to recycling. “A good few of the companies we deal with now operate at 100 per cent recycling levels as a result of introducing our systems. We look after 1500 businesses of all sizes in the Connaught region. The biggest change I have noticed in latter years is that people are now a lot more conscious of recycling- they want to do the right thing and meet various quality marks. This is a good incentive as well.”

It is an interesting area when you think where your waste ends up. All paper is shipped to the UK and converted into tissue paper, cardboard is reconverted to another form of cardboard again and plastic is used to manufacture plastic bags or plastic toys. It is a very environmentally friendly business and the plant now runs at a 99 per cent recycling rate. There would only be about one per cent of the waste that goes into landfill.

Confidential Shredding Service

The business also encompasses a confidential shredding service, and owner Peter Jordan explains this concept. “It involves the collection of all types of documents and books and they are confidentially destroyed. It would be anything with people’s details, names, addresses, bank details, anything really that needs to be protected under data protection regulations etc. We have the ability to offer shredding on a wide range of products, such as everyday items like paper and CDs, to specialised items, such as obsolete medical products and obsolete computer software and hardware products. This is an area that is very important to prevent fraud, it has been highlighted how easy it is to utilise someone’s data with things like credit card fraud has become much more common.”

Connaught Waste Recycling is geared towards commercial and industrial clients, and offer on-site and off-site shredding for added convenience. However domestic customers are welcome to drop their confidential documents into the Claregalway premises for shredding if they wish to do so. The company also provides all its confidential clients with certificates of destruction, and recycling certificates to its other clients on request, which highlights areas where they can do better and allows them to fulfil their reporting obligations to their local authority and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

These inspiring brothers also believe in giving something back and last week held a very successful fundraiser at the Claregalway premises in aid of the GOAL Syrian appeal.

Connaught Waste Recycling Company Limited, t/a Confidential Shredding Specialists Ireland, Hanley Units, Claregalway, 091 799 297